The five villas are poised on a dark, natural stone base, which links them to the landscape in the vicinity of the Grenaa creek. The villas rise from this dark base like light, sculptural formations, while a combination of fixed and moveable panels in light-coloured wood rounds off their white surfaces. The villas suit perfectly the scale of the site and are built together across property lines, so they come across as a coherent neighbourhood with densely built-up spatialities and a beautiful view of the creek and the green landscape.
The design of the villas is based on two simple principles: the best possible view and as much sunlight as possible. So the three northernmost villas have been built with three storeys, and between the villas there are intimate, south-facing courtyards, providing maximum sunlight and space for outdoor activities. The two southernmost villas have been designed according to the same principle. But they have been built with two storeys, to allow the villas behind an unimpeded south-facing view. These two villas have narrow, south-facing gardens, directly located on the banks of the creek, thus enhancing their contact with the creek and the landscape.