Privacy Policy

At AART architects we process personal data in accordance with applicable GDPR-legislations. We ensure that the data are in safe hands and are not misused for purposes incompatible with the purposes with which we received or collected the data. Furthermore, we ensure that we only store personal data for as long as they are relevant to the company, and that we delete the data properly when this is no longer the case or when we no longer have a legal warrant to use the data.

Purposes for cookies and pixels

We use cookies to map out user behavior and create statistics on how visitors use the website. We do this to tailor the best user experience solutions. Furthermore, cookies are used to ensure that the servers do not get overloaded, ultimately leading to faster browsing. Marketing cookies are used to create statistics on Google Analytics that map out visitors´ units and their behavior across different marketing channels, like Facebook and Instagram. Purposes for the use of cookies are to:
• allow visitors to convert their information on the entire website which obviates typing identical information more than once.
• help AART recognize a visitor when revisiting
• give the visitor access to stored information.
• ensure that the visitor is not asked to conduct the same action over and over.
• to generate statistics on visiting frequencies and time spend on the website.
• to pass on pseudonymous information to third parties with the purpose of targeting specific content from AART architects to visitors who have shown an interest in the company.

Potentially collected data

Data potentially collected from visitors on the website includes:
• Gender
• Name
• Address
• E-mail address
• Age
• Birthday
• Private and work telephone numbers
• Browsing pattern on the website
• Information about clicks on the website
• IP-address
• MAC-address

Sharing data with third parties

The data will potentially be shared with relevant third parties (with whom we have a data processer agreement that ensure secure treatment of the data) for marketing purposes only. Article 6, part 1, point f warrants the treatment of the data based on a risk assessment of the type of data treated and the treatment methods.

Personal data received or collected by mail

We receive vast amounts of both unwanted and wanted personal data that are sent to employees at AART by mail. Therefore, we continuously trawl all inboxes to delete data that are of no relevance to the company. Data, that are in fact considered to be of relevance, will be stored on our internal servers and deleted again when considered irrelevant.

Applications by mail

We delete applications received by mail and instead direct applicants to resend their application through our website

Registrants' rights

Due to GDPR-legislations, all registrants have the right to demand insight into how the company process their personal data. Registrants also have the right to get their personal data corrected, deleted or blocked if the data shows irrelevant, incorrect or misleading. If you want to know more about your right as a registrant, please read article 13-15 and article 21 in the General Data Protection Regulation at

Questions about our treatment of personal data?

If you have any questions about our treatment of personal data, please contact our Head of Human Resources, Gitte Myrup Andersen, by mail or by phone +45 41 72 10 07.