The world’s most accessible sports resort opens in Denmark

01.10.2015 / Supported by DKK 100 million in grants from the biggest charitable foundations in Denmark, Muskelsvindfonden (the Danish muscular dystrophy foundation) has extended its Musholm centre by building a new multi-purpose hall, restaurant, conference facilities and 24 holiday homes. We partnered with Karin Bendixen, Keinicke & Overgaard Arkitekter, BSAA UrbanLAB, MOE and D & N to design and project plan the extension, which set new standards of architecture for people with disabilities.
“The extension brings to life Muskelsvindfonden’s vision of enhancing the quality of life for people with disabilities on the basis of making room for differences. We bring new kinds of experiences to Musholm – including by challenging the traditional approach to accessible architecture. Instead of erasing differences, we make space for a range of experiences, giving any visitor regardless of handicap the opportunity to engage in physical activities and extend their own boundaries,” explains Anders Tyrrestrup, partner at AART architects.
“The multi-purpose hall is an excellent example of how we integrate accessibility as a creative element to inspire and challenge users. Based on close dialogue with current and future users, we have created such novel ideas as an ‘experience ramp’, that winds its way around the hall, offering a wealth of activity zones and culminating in a viewing room from where Musholm’s fantastic location overlooking the Great Belt is revealed,” explains Tyrrestrup.
The Musholm extension attracted attention even before it opened, receiving the municipality of Slagelse’s Building Award 2015 on 25 September for the outstanding way it conforms to the existing architecture, exploits the unique location in the coastal landscape on the shores of the Great Belt, and enhances quality of life for people with disabilities.
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