On August 6 AART Concept kick-started the development of a supervision method to study how architecture improves life.

Social awareness permeates our design thinking. As part of our research and development work AART Concept has thus been granted € 14.000 in research subsidy from the Danish Ministry of Science, Innovation and Higher Education to study and document how our architecture improves the quality of life.
On August 6 AART Concept kick-started the research project with a view to developing a supervision method for studying and documenting to which extent our finished buildings are socially sustainable. Through dialogue and group work AART Concept defined a set of measurable, social parameters which will function as a guideline in the further process of development.
As part of the research project, we cooperate with the Alexandra Institute who is a bridge-builder between research, public institutions and private corporations. In the forthcoming months, we will develop and refine the method and we expect to start using the socially sustainable, supervision method in the beginning of 2013.