We add a little bit of spice to the Aarhus Festival

27.08.2014 / As a member of the Aarhus Festival business network, we add a little bit of spice to the festival again this year. Last year, we transformed the cultural centre Hermans into a glowing cave. This year, we are transforming Bispetorv into a stylised "mountain landscape".
The “mountain landscape” provides the setting for the “Der Liebe Bisp” venue and its design is based on a southern German theme. With its lighting and shading, the "mountain landscape" changes character during the day, evening and night. In this way, the venue creates an atmospheric backdrop for guests and is also in dialogue with the urban space.
The design is simple and based on materials and elements from a traditional construction site, to ensure sustainable reutilisation once the venue is demolished after the festival. The Aarhus Festival and "Der Liebe Bisp" venue can be experienced from August 29 to September 7.