The Waterhouse is inaugurated

On the 10th of September we inaugurated the new headquarters for DANVA which shows the path for the sustainable architecture of tomorrow.

The new headquarters for DANVA (Dansk Vand- og Spildevandsteknisk Forening) was inaugurated on the 10th of September and the members and staff of DANVA were very pleased with the building which faithful to the values of the association has been given the name The Waterhouse.
The 2,300m2 building shows the path for the architecture of tomorrow by using integrated energy design as well as a sustainable drainage design system called LAR (lokal afladning af regnvand, in English local rainwater drainage). Thereby the building not only minimizes the energy consumption, but also diverts the rainwater locally and hereby relieves the sewer systems, increases the groundwater resources and contributes to biodiversity.
In this way DANVA’s sustainable values permeate the building design which aesthetically is reflected in the perforated façade that up close creates abstract patterns, but from a distance gets into character by creating inspiring water motifs that support DANVA’s focus on water and wastewater engineering solutions.