Denmark | 18.10.2021

We contribute to anthology on architecture and anthropologi

Our PhD-researcher Mia Kruse Rasmussen has contributed to the new anthology ‘Architectural Anthropology: Exploring Lived Spaces’, where she and her co-author Turid Øien explore the impact of our indoor environment on people’s everyday life, and how this in turn impact the building and the indoor environment. The anthology, that is released October 14th, has the aim of prompting a new and merging approach where architects and anthropologists think and work together in order to create more livable and sustainable buildings and cities in the future.

Aart Stemning F3 I0810 Low
På billedet ses Mia Kruse Rasmussen (i midten) i dialog med ph.d.-forsker Eszter Sántha og bæredygtighedsansvarlig Stephanie Carr.