Welcome to our new website

We have launched our new website where we even further embrace and share what drives us as an architectural firm and how we make a difference to our clients and the world around us.

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Our ambition with this website is to provide an inspiring and easily accessible gateway into the world of AART, where our vision, mission and - not least - our value proposition to our clients and partners stands out clearly. That’s why you can - among many other things - read about our work on this website, not only with designing buildings and urban spaces, but also with documenting the impact of the possibilities we create with architecture. A deep dedication to developing organisations and communities is what has driven our work with architecture for almost two decades now - and with this relaunch of our website, we are presenting it in a new and improved digital format. We hope you’ll enjoy exploring our new website and learn more about our work with considering impact before form in our many partnerships across the countries of Scandinavia.