Denmark | 15.12.2020

We have completed the expansion of Film City Aarhus

In 2015, we won the competition to expand Film City Aarhus by the city’s South Harbour district, with the vision of turning the film city inside-out and create an urban space of an international calibre. A vision that has been converted into a 4,400 sqm creative powerhouse for film and media production, as well as a new urban space where citizens and visitors can play and learn more about the digital opportunities of tomorrow. In this way, the expansion will further characterise the film city as Denmark’s largest cluster of digital visual companies.

We have expanded Film City Aarhus with a 4,400 sqm creative powerhouse for film and media production as well as an elevated urban space, which – from the end of 2021 – will give visitors the opportunity to dive into the wonders of the digital, visual world through a dynamic interaction between architecture and video art. With the expansion, Film City Aarhus will thus rise to the occasion, not only as Denmark's largest cluster of digital visual companies, but also as a new destination for the citizens and visitors of Aahus.

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