Torben Skovbjerg reviews exhibition about Reiulf Ramstad

15.05.2019 / In its May issue, the Danish architecture magazine Arkitekten has invited AART partner Torben Skovbjerg to review the exhibition of Reiulf Ramstad at the Utzon Center in Aalborg.
"Even before you enter the actual exhibition, the architect is seen sitting with his eyes closed, dreaming and immersed. Nordic is not a style – it is an attitude he highlights somewhere."
With these words, Torben Skovbjerg begins his review, shedding new light on Reiulf Ramstad, one of the greatest architects in the Nordic countries. The exhibition is the first in a new series titled ‘In the World of an Architect’, in which the Utzon Center will focus on architecture created in the tension field between the local and global – a tension field which, in his review, Torben Skovbjerg frames with these words:
"In Nordic architecture, the quest for blending nature and architecture is seen particularly clearly, merged with the democratic aim of the welfare society. Perhaps that is why Reiulf Ramstad and the Nordic style resonates throughout the world. The relationship sets a sustainable agenda and a way of life that finds its solutions in a direct and sensuous connection with the surrounding nature and communities."
Read the full review in the May issue of Arkitekten
Photo: Niels Fabæk