Denmark | 22.03.2022

Speaks about sustainable transformation at Building Green

Our founding partner Anders Tyrrestrup will be keynote speaker at this year’s Building Green conference in Aarhus where he will speak about how we can create a sustainable and valuable impact by transforming and renovating our cultural heritage.

Over the years, we have been helping to uncover the hidden potential of existing buildings - from the transformation of an old shipyard into Elsinore’s new cultural hub, The Culture Yard, to the restoration of the medieval Strängnäs Cathedral.

Based on our current transformation projects and revisits of completed projects – Anders Tyrrestrup will speak about the countless potential values of transformation and renovation and the responsibility we as architects have in releasing them. Instead of solely focus on preserving the past, we should work to identify, explore, and build upon the stories that our existing buildings and spaces hold. In this way, we don’t just have chance to carry the legacy of the past into the future, but potentially move society in a more enriching and sustainable direction.

The conference will take place on June 15-16th at Centralværkstedet in Aarhus. Read the full programme and join the event for free here