Success in competition to design future senior cohousing

30.11.2018 / We are pleased to announce that we have won the competition to design the future senior cohousing in the new rural area Ringkøbing K.
The competition was arranged by Realdania to answer the essential question: how can we provide cohousing for active seniors that supports the sense of community in everyday life? In our winning proposal – together with Tækker, Gemeinschaft, Gustin Landskab and Jens Jensen Murer & Entreprenør – we worked hard to provide answers to this question.
We revisited the idea of cohousing, reconsidered it as a building typology, and adapted it to life for an active senior. The result is a new and different kind of cohousing that comes across as an exemplary project, not only for Ringkøbing K, but also for cities, municipalities and regions throughout Denmark.
With our winning proposal, we show how it is possible to rethink the concept of cohousing, so that the interaction between residences and communal areas is strengthened, thus creating new opportunities for immersion and community – beautifully staged within the surrounding nature, and with the houses clad in brick and cedarwood.