Stavanger University Hospital reaches a milestone

01.12.2015 / On November 27, a unanimous regional council agreed to locate the new Stavanger University Hospital in Ullandhaug in the south of Stavanger. This site has been under consideration since earlier this year when, in conjunction with COWI, Nordic, SLA and Aas-Jakobsen, we won the international competition to design the new university hospital with a budget of eight billion Norwegian kroner.
The assignment includes the construction of a university hospital spanning over 200,000 square metres, which will serve 330,000 citizens and replace Stavanger’s existing hospital. The hospital will employ 7,300 employees. The first phase of the project was carried out from January to August. In this initial phase, we drew up a detailed concept for each of the three plots that were on the table as potential sites for the new university hospital – respectively Stokka in Sandnes, Våland in central Stavanger and Ullandhaug in the south of the city.
With the regional council's choice of Ullandhaug, the development of the new Stavanger University Hospital has reached a milestone. The choice of site sets the framework for the further development of a robust and visionary concept for the hospital. The second phase of the project, consisting of a scheme design, is thus expected to be initiated at the start of next year.
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