Stand-alone building

AART architects plan the biggest scouting and outdoor centre in Denmark which sets new standards for sustainable architecture by being designed as the first stand-alone building in Denmark.

30.01.2013 / In 2009, AART architects won the competition for the biggest scouting and outdoor centre in Denmark. Thanks to a broad, popular support the planning of the building has now begun. An active outdoor life is the focal point for the centre, which is designed as a passive and the first stand-alone building in Denmark.
"Over the years we have developed several sustainable buildings. With the this project we want to raise the bar for sustainable architecture by creating a distinctive building that not only produce enough energy to its own energy consumption, but also recycles its waste and diverts rain water and waste water locally. In other words, a building that rests entirely in itself" Torben Skovbjerg, partner in AART architects, points out.
In order to underline the close contact with nature, we have created a building which like a star-shaped building juts out of the ground and escalates into a 15 meter high climbing wall. The centre is titled Nunatakken which is a Greenlandic word for a cliff, projecting up through the mantle of a glacier, and the name refers to the building design and the landscape of Herlufmagle, which is formed by the last ice age.