Denmark | 17.05.2022

Prequalified for school transformation

We are among the four teams that have prequalified for the competition to extend and transform Præstemoseskolen in Hvidovre.

The project, which is being developed for Hvidovre Municipality, concern extension, rebuilding and renovation of Præstemoseskolen as well as drawing up a new general plan for the entire school area. The ambition behind the project is to only create more space for the growing influx of students, but also to give them new opportunities for learning and movement with the addition of a multi-purpose hall and modern teaching facilities.

It is the first time that we made a bit as a gathered team with Mangor & Nagel as a part of AART – where we combine Mangor & Nagel’s strong roots in the local community and AART’s experience working with transformation and learning environments – and together we will stand even stronger when it comes to elevating the architecture and realizing Hvidovre Municipality’s visions for Præstemoseskolen.

Mangor & Nagel – a part of AART is full-service consultant on the team, that in addition to AART, consists of NERD Architects, DOMINIA Rådgivende Ingeniører, and Urban-lab Nordic.

Vestmyra Skole 01 aart Low