Denmark | 03.02.2021

We welcome our new team leader in Copenhagen

Michael Hedegaard Andersen tiltræder som ny teamleder i København. Her vil have ansvar for at lede vores ambitiøse hold af arkitekter, konstruktører og projektledere, og på den måde være med til at sikre at vores projekter og visioner bliver ført ud i livet. Michael kommer med mange års erfaring i branchen, og vi er glade for at byde ham velkommen til vores team.

As team leader, Michael Hedegaard Andersen will lead our Copenhagen team of architects and constructing architects on a day-to-day basis. He will also ensure that our shared visions with clients and business partners are implemented into our many projects, so that we continue to create projects of high architectural quality and, not least, with a well-documented impact on organisations and communities. He comes with great dedication and many years of experience as a lead architect, and we are very excited to welcome him to our Copenhagen office at the top of Islands Brygge.