New domicile will be certified by Breeam

The new domicile for Atea goes green and raises the bar for energy efficient office buildings.

In cooperation with NCC Property Development we are planning to build an environmentally friendly domicile in Aarhus for the Danish software company Atea. The 10,000m2 headquarters is rooted in Atea’s aspiration to reduce the energy consumption and provide vibrant, social settings for approx. 400 employees.
To fulfil the sustainable aspiration, the new domicile will be certified by the British labelling system Breeam, which is among the world leaders in the certification of environmentally friendly and energy efficient buildings. This certification includes several objectives, e.g. reducing environmental impact, optimising the benefits of sustainability and providing a method for measuring and monitoring.
Facing the main thoroughfare to Skejby business park, the domicile has a prominent location, by which the architecture is an important factor in Atea’s brand strategy. Therefore, we have an integrated branding-architecture approach, concentrating on the core values of the project to determine the architectural design elements that communicate the company’s brand identity.