Skandinavien | 15.03.2022

Develops strategic and impactful tool

With the Effektkompas™ (Impact Compass), we have developed a strategic tool to navigate after during all phases of a project – with the aim of translating our clients’ visions and ambitions into architecture with a measurable and discernable impact.

The tool is the result of years of impact-based work, as well as our own and external research on how the build environment can create social, economic, and environmental impact. An approach that the Effektkompas makes easy and simple to navigate – from the initial definition of the desired impact, over to the impact-based design of the architecture to the following documentation of the impact, after the project is brought to life and put into use- so we together can set an impactful direction for architecture.

Do you want to know how we can translate the Effektkompas to fit your project? Read along here or contact our impact team to hear more.