Green office building takes root

The construction of one of the most energy efficient office buildings in Aarhus in Denmark was initiated on April 11 when the foundation stone for the Danish software company Atea’s new domicile was laid. Among others, the mayor of Aarhus, Jacob Bundsgaard, spoke at the event.
Based on Atea’s aspiration to reduce the energy consumption and provide vibrant, social settings for 400 employees, the 10,500 m2 domicile is designed as an open and dynamic office environment which implements the newest software solutions within acoustics, lighting, ventilation and solar screening.
The domicile is designed in cooperation with NCC Property Development and will be certified by the British labelling system Breeam, which is among the world leaders in the certification of environmentally friendly and energy efficient buildings. According to plan, the domicile will be inaugurated in February 2013.