Norway / 10.02.2020

From industrial area to mixed district in Moss

For Høegh Eiendom, we are transforming a former industrial area in Moss into a mixed district, Verket, where housing, business and culture meet, opening up new opportunities across typologies. As one of the three architectural teams responsible for designing the district, we are designing the southwest part, which incorporates 16,000 square metres of residential and public space.

The residences consist of three buildings that terrace down to the waterfront and rest on a base of shops and cafes. With their location, orientation and terraced structure, the buildings take full advantage of the view and daylight. At the same time, their use of material – reddish bricks and bright concrete – relate to the industrial history of the area. This touch of history also applies to the design of the public space.

Last summer, we won the parallel assignment to develop the southwest part of Verket. Together with SLA, since then we have further developed our proposal for a detailed design. We have done this in close dialogue with Høegh Eiendom and the two other architectural teams with a dedicated focus on optimizing and coordinating the three proposals that, together, will make up the new mixed district in the heart of Moss.

Bydelsplassen verket