Designing some of the largest construction projects in Denmark

11.06.2015 / With a combined area of 58,000 square meters, the Warehouses in Aarhus and the new acute care centre at the Regional Hospital in Viborg were among the 10 largest construction projects begun in Denmark in May. We are proudly involved in designing and planning the Warehouses and the acute care centre, which have areas of 35,000 and 23,000 square meters, respectively.
The Warehouses (‘Pakhusene’ in Danish) were not designed as an ordinary office building. Instead, they combine residential and business areas in new, different ways. The goal is to create diverse uses for the building so it exudes energy and activity, thus breathing life into the development of Aarhus Ø, the new part of the city.
While the Warehouses fit with the vision for Aarhus, the new acute care centre fits with the vision for the future of health care in Viborg. When the expansion (including the acute care centre) of the Regional Hospital is completed in 2018, the hospital will be the first in Central Denmark with a full emergency department.
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