The Culture Yard is ranked among the best libraries in Europe

25.03.2015 / The Culture Yard (in Danish, Kulturværftet) has received six out of six stars and the label "Exceptional" by Library Ranking Europe, which benchmarks libraries across Europe. The Culture Yard thus tops the ranking list of the best European libraries, ahead of libraries such as the Library of Birmingham and Openbare Bibliotheek in Amsterdam.
Through its ranking list, Library Ranking Europe aims to improve the quality of Europe’s roughly 65,000 libraries by benchmarking selected, leading libraries, with a particular focus on the user experience. The library building architecture is also an important part of the evaluation, as variations in space, light, materials and scale all contribute to the user experience of a library as a place not just for books, but also for contemplation, community, information and inspiration.
Library Ranking Europe’s evaluation is supported by our own evaluation of the Culture Yard’s social impact, which we conducted in collaboration with the Danish Alexandra Institute in 2012. The evaluation was based on observation and on forty-five interviews with managers, employees and library users. As one of the users quite tellingly pointed out: “It has become a gathering point for the whole city”.
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