The Culture Yard opens for the public

More than 10,000 visitors celebrated the inauguration of the Culture Yard which transforms an old shipbuilding yard into a modern cultural centre.

The Culture Yard in Elsinore in Denmark was inaugurated on the 10th of October where more than 10,000 visitors celebrated the new building which unites the days of yore with a top-tuned modern profile in a unified cultural and knowledge centre.
The 13,000m2 cultural centre has been created in the old shipbuilding yard at Elsinore Harbour and the crystalline facade of the building creates a clear identity that simultaneously contrasts and reflects the surrounding cityscape.
The Culture Yard is part of a master plan for the area around Kronborg Castle and Elsinore Harbour which redesigns the landscape around Kronborg, visually highlighting the castle and recreating historical fort structures in a modern design.