The Culture Yard is displayed in Copenhagen

On August 30 we presented the vision behind the Culture Yard at a big design event in Copenhagen.

On August 30 the old Warehouse 48 at the Freeport of Copenhagen framed a big design event. 750 people attented the event to see, hear and learn about the Culture Yard and other significant building projects in the Copenhagen area.
Anders Tyrrestrup who is partner in AART architects lectured about the Culture Yard and its sophisticated façade construction of steel, glass and aluminium based on triangles in different geometric expressions. Among other things, he told about how the entire building has been designed in 3D, which during the planning process has been essential for the design of the many unique assemblies and components.
The characteristic feature of the Culture Yard is, in fact, the transparent façade that encloses the old shipbuilding yard and gives a glimpse of the historic buildings. The façade gives the Culture Yard an intriguing identity where the distinctive steel elements of the construction are used as a reference to the area's original function as a shipyard.