Certified passive house designer

As part of our sustainable development work, we have been certified European Passive House Designer.

08.01.2013 / AART architects have been certified European Passive House Designer in accordance with the passive house standards formulated by the German Passive House Institute. In this way, we offer competent consultancy in the design, calculation and construction of passive houses.
As a certified European Passive House Designer, we offer our clients and business partners to design, plan and construct buildings with low energy consumption for space heating and maintenance. Based on integrated energy design, we also ensure the completed buildings have a healthy and comfortable indoor climate all year round.
Over the years, we have designed and completed several passive houses, among these the award winning Comfort House in Denmark. By challenging the common perception of passive house design, the Comfort House sets new standards for sustainable single-family houses and shows that eco-friendly solutions can clear the way for inspiring and empathetic architecture.