Bikuben Student Residence is showcased in Paris

10.05.2013 / This summer the Bikuben Student Residence will be displayed at Pavillon de l’Arsenal in Paris as part of an exhibition of innovative student housing. The exhibition will focus on a chronology of remarkable buildings in the world built during the last 50 years.
The Bikuben Student Residence is located in Copenhagen and is characterised in that it rethinks the social environment for student life with a view to expanding the possibility that commu­nities can arise in a broad social network. The building appears as a cube, but is actually designed as a double helix, which in its path around the central axis in the form of a courtyard, provides space for various indoor and outdoor spaces.
In this way, the student residence avoids the classic dormitory corridors and instead creates a space where access to the rooms is linked directly to the social meeting places. For this innovative design approach the student residence received the Copenhagen Municipality’s Building Award in 2007. Additionally, it was showcased in the Galerie d’architecture moderne in Paris in 2012.
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