The awards rain down on the Culture Yard

Just a few days after receiving the prestigious Structural Award 2011 for best "Community and Residential Structure", the Culture Yard has received the Danish award Tyndpladegruppens Arkitekturpris 2011.
The biannual award recognises excellent architectural use of thin plates and has been awarded the Culture Yard, as the crystalline façade construction of glass, steel and perforated aluminium plates, according to the judging panel, expresses an enticing, modern identity that interacts with the historic surroundings.
“Tyndpladegruppens Arkitekturpris is a great recognition of our and our developer’s vision, as it pays tribute to buildings that express a high technical and artistic level. And it’s especially a great recognition to receive such an award by competent colleagues,” Anders Tyrrestrup, partner in AART architects, points out.