AART wins maritime school project

We have won the turnkey competition for a maritime school project at the historic waterfront of Skagen in Denmark.

In collaboration with the contracting firm Raunstrup and engineering firm Alectia we have won the turnkey competition for Skagen Skipperskole which will provide the framework for the future education of skippers and chief officers for the Danish fishing fleet and merchant marine.
"The proposal stands out by its convincing spatial quality. The proposed foyer creates a unique relationship between the floors and functions of the school which are assembled to a clear and spatially interesting whole that reflects the identity of the school in a very convincing way," the jury highlights.
The design of the building is based on the three elements the sea, the ship and the navigation which all are closely related to shipping, and by its sculptural form and unique location at the waterfront of Skagen the building will become a prominent landmark for the city. Five consultant teams participated in the competition for Skagen Skipperskole, which is expected to be inaugurated in November 2011.