AART wins campus project in Sweden

In collaboration with Schonherr, we have won the competition for the new Campus Park Skara, including a 10,000 sq. m. school building and a 49 acre park. The campus is located in Skara in Sweden and provides the framework for a vibrant learning environment by integrating the architecture as an active learning element.
The architecture thus motivates the students to interact with the school building, as the floors, walls and furniture are designed as sensuous and pedagogical elements which can be included in the daily schooling. Likewise, the school has integrated touchscreens at the central square and weather stations in the park, so the students easily can gather data about the building´s energy consumption and the local climate.
The school is designed as an atrium building rooted in a public square. The public square is designed as the heart of the building and the social dimension is also being expressed in the exterior, as the school in a dynamic gesture stretches out towards the green park.