Winning proposal for Buddinge Byport

We have won the idea competition to rethink the area around the former police station in Gladsaxe Municipality. Our winning proposal, which we drew up together with Niras and Møller & Grønborg as sub-consultants, has been created with the aim of accommodating green outdoor areas, a healthcare centre and a job centre as part of Buddinge’s new city gate.

The winning proposal revolves around Gladsaxe Strategy’s goal of health and well-being throughout life, and a vibrant city with a focus on sustainability. In 2025, when Buddinge Byport is expected to be completed, it will give citizens easy access to health and employment. It will do so by including a healthcare centre and a café, as well as including a job centre in close interaction with the healthcare centre, and a building featuring service professions on the ground floor and apartments on the upper floors.

“With the winning proposal for the new city gate, we as a team have strived to provide new opportunities for citizens and private actors – all with the aim of bringing the new healthcare centre, job centre, etc, into play as a positive catalyst for the development of the city. Among other things, we have prioritised preserving and transforming as much as possible of the existing buildings, so that we ensure a sustainable starting point for development,” says Pernille Stahlschmidt Tørning, office manager at AART architects’ office in Copenhagen.

Over the next six months, we will fine-tune our winning proposal in cooperation with the municipality. We will screen our proposal to optimise details, just as we will engage in a dialogue with neighbours, stakeholders, and interested citizens. Based on this process, the City Council will, at the end of this year, make its final decision on the design of Buddinge Byport.