Denmark / 18.05.2020

New residential development in Aarhus

In northern Aarhus, we are contributing to the development of Enghaven Risskov, which consists of 248 rented accommodations close to the Aarhus light rail, the forest and the water.

AART Risskov Boliger 2020

With its attractive location close to the light rail, the forest and the water, Enghaven Risskov is an ambitious residential development with a focus on community, sustainability and infrastructure. We are therefore very pleased to be able to announce that the development is now becoming a reality. Concurrent with the district plan, we developed the project and invited tenders together with KONstruct, Plusform and Moe – and this has resulted in Heimstaden deciding to invest in the project and MT Højgaard winning the turnkey contract. Over the next few years, Enghaven Risskov will therefore grow to become a rectangular unit and two winged units, and Aarhus residents will be able to rent the 248 new apartments in this attractive Risskov area starting in 2022.

AART Risskov Boliger 2020 Birdview