AART transforms historic school in Aarhus

18.12.2018 / For more than 100 years, N.J. Fjordsgade School has served as a school in the district of Frederiksbjerg in Aarhus, Denmark. But, with the establishment of the new Frederiksbjerg School, it has lost its original purpose. We have, thus, transformed the preservation-worthy building into a leisure and association centre, where the local public can engage in everything from e-sports, yoga and boxing to teaching in creative arts, linguistics and music.
"AART has seen opportunities that we have not seen. It's a demanding task to transform a school from the beginning of the 20th century into new usable spaces that meet today's needs and requirements, and AART has provided highly competent advice," says Niels Rask from Aarhus Municipality Sport & Fritid, who is the developer behind the project.
We have collaborated with Tækker Rådgivende Ingeniører and AART designers as subconsultants in the renovation and transformation of the 6,000 square meter school, dating from 1910, which, today, is declared worthy of conservation. With a more than 100-year-old building, it has been a complex renovation and transformation process, where new staircases have been established, old timber has been replaced in the building structures and much more. This has all been done with the aim of updating the building according to all applicable government requirements  and without compromising its preservative qualities.
"N.J. Fjordsgade School is a beautiful example of Danish building culture. We have, thus, strived to leave as little imprint as possible in respect of the historical framework. To us, it has been crucial to emphasise the many cultural values, while, at the same time, injecting new life in to the building," says Mikkel Seier Christoffersen, head of our transformation team.