AART speaks about the social impact of architecture in Havana

14.03.2019 / AART associate partner, Mads Nygaard, was the keynote speaker at the sustainable architecture conference S.ARCH 2019 in Havana, where he spoke about our strategic aim, not only to design buildings and urban spaces, but also to document the social impact of architecture.
For us, sustainability is about more than reducing the consumption of energy and resources. It is just as much about prolonging the life of buildings and improving the lives of the people living in and around buildings. This extension of the sustainable field of architecture was the starting point for Mads Nygaard's keynote speech at S.ARCH on 6 March.
Each year, the conference attracts architects from all over the world and provides insights into developments in sustainable architecture. In his speech, Mads Nygaard gave an insight into how we collaborate with anthropologists to study our completed buildings and urban spaces and gain insights into how they perform in relation to social parameters such as well-being, accessibility and social interaction – insights that not only enable us to document the social impact of our architecture, but also to create buildings and urban spaces on an informed foundation of evidence and experiences.
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