AART Green explores Copenhagen

On June 11 AART Green visited Copenhagen to explore and examine the city's most significant and sustainable building projects.

The Blue Planet, The UN Village and The Crystal were explored and examined when AART Green on June 11 visited Copenhagen. The research trip included guided tours that gave a unique look behind the scene of some of Copenhagen’s latest and most distinctive building projects.
The range of the building projects embraced a large variety of themes and together the building projects offered an inspiring insight into how it is possible to balance between different parameters such as of open-plan offices, exhibition spaces, high level security and eco-friendly solutions.
With its large variety of themes the research trip led to interesting discussions, which in turn led to new perspectives on the environmental opportunities of architecture. In this way, the research trip has generated new green ideas which will serve as inspiration for AART Green’s continuing research on developing architetcural solutions that benefit people and the environment.