AART Green becomes a green ambassador

As part of our sustainable focus, AART Green has become an ambassador for the Danish wood initiative "Wood creates Environment".

In order to promote a more sustainable building culture, we have initiated a collaboration with the Danish wood initiative "Træ Er Miljø" (in English "Wood creates Environment") to become an ambassador for wooden architecture.
As an ambassador for wooden architecture, we strive to create awareness of the environmental qualities of trees, whether they grow in forests or are used in buildings. By this means, our vision is to achieve long-term effects on the building industry´s stance on wood as a sustainable raw material.
Over the years, we have created several wooden architecture projects and have thus gained a deep insight into the environmental qualities of wood. Our experience with wooden architecture manifests itself in projects such as FDF Outdoor Centre Sletten situated in the beautiful landscape of hills and lakes in Ry in Denmark and Norwegian Wood situated on the urban seafront of Stavanger in Norway.