AART designs traffic-free city

30.07.2015 / In cooperation with Tækker Group and eight other architectural teams, we are designing Nye – a new part of town north of Aarhus, Denmark, which extends over 220 hectares and will accommodate 15,000 inhabitants when it is fully developed in five years’ time.
The vision is to create a sustainable part of town. Resource consumption, environmental impact and transport are pillars of the development of Nye. For example, this part of town will be traffic-free, with parking a reasonable distance from the houses. The residents will thus have the incentive to walk around the neighbourhood more, so creating not only a greener but also a more vibrant locality.
Nye will be divided into seven areas connected by green parks with streams and lakes. Tækker Group is the developer behind the project; along with eight other architectural teams, we are involved in the development of the district’s first phase, which represents 61,000 square metres of buildings, including shops, institutions and community centres.