AART designs office building in Oslo

13.03.2019 / 12,500 square metres of offices, showrooms and shared facilities in close interaction with the surrounding city – this is the essence of a new office building that we have designed for IK Gruppen and Argentum in the central part of the Bryn district in Oslo.
"With this new office building, we wish to contribute to the development of Bryn as a vibrant and attractive district. Together with IK Gruppen and Argentum, we have therefore placed emphasis on creating a building with a diversity of functions internally and close interaction with the city externally," says Anders Strange, founding partner at AART architects and head of the company's office in Oslo.
The office building is built on IK Gruppen’s undeveloped plot in Bryn and is expected to be completed by the end of 2020. The building will be 12,500 square metres spread over five floors and will be built together with Argentum's existing building on the neighbouring ground, creating a unifying office landscape of 19,000 square metres in the central part of Bryn.