AART Concept looks into the future of learning

On May 29 AART Concept met with educational experts to talk about the challenges for the future learning environment.

As part of its reaserch and development work AART Concept held a symposium on May 29 where experts from the business and research community discussed trends and challenges for the educational architecture of today and tomorrow.
The symposium took place at the new Railyards Cultural Centre in Aarhus (Denmark) and featured lectures by process consultant Ulla Kjær Vang from Bascon, associate professor Tina Bering Keiding from Centre for Teaching Development and Digital Media at Aarhus University and Eva Bjerrum, who is head of New Ways of Working Lab at the Alexandra Institute.
Based on their own subject area the three experts told about the opportunities and challenges associated with future learning. The lectures triggered an inspirational discussion, where usual ways of thinking were challenged and new ideas were brought into play. Ideas, which AART Concept will refine further in the coming months in order to develop new knowledge and innovative concepts for the benefit of our customers, our collaborators and society as a whole.