AART architects wins competition for major public school in Norway

26.06.2013 / AART architects, together with Nordic, Hent and Bjørbekk & Lindheim, have won the competition for a 12,500 m2 public school in Larvik in Norway, which with its nursery, family centre, sports centre and activity landscape will become a diverse learning and cultural centre.
”The winning proposal has by far the greatest potential to meet the project’s objectives – both in terms of its location, architecture and opportunity to meet the educational objectives”, the jury highlighted.
According to the jury, the proposal stood out in terms of its quality – of the seven submitted proposals it received by far the highest score in this regard. The jury was especially keen on the large common room that creates a social focal point at the centre of the school, and the class areas that have integrated specialised learning environments.
The school contains a total of four parallel classes from first to seventh grade. The classes are dispersed in three quadratic buildings that radiate out from the large common room towards the activity landscape. In addition, the school includes a nursery, a family centre and a multifunctional sports centre. In this way, the school is designed to become a diverse learning and cultural centre that will enrich the community and ooze with life and activity – even outside school hours.