AART architects win major project at Aarhus Ø

22.12.2016 / With 'Nicolinehus' we have won the project competition for a significant residential and commercial development at the heart of Aarhus Ø - right next to the old marina and the future harbour bath. We have won the competition in collaboration with property developer Bricks, based on the idea of creating a benchmark for the further development of Aarhus Ø, so that the new port district would be to the joy and benefit of all Aarhus citizens.
"With Nicolinehus we are taking the city centre's various qualities and re-interpreting them and adapting them to life by the water. Everything with a focus on creating a close interaction with the rest of the city and drawing the life of the city right up to the water's edge - space to stay and experiences, which Aarhus Ø lacks today," says Anders Strange, partner at AART architects.
This means, among other things, that the entire ground floor of the terraced building structure opens towards the city with cafes, restaurants, lifestyle shops and grocery stores. The same goes for the courtyard gardens which, inspired by the city centre's old blocks, are green spaces for both residents and visitors. In the long term the ambition is also to create a harbour grove between Nicolinehus and the marina and a promenade all along the marina.
"We thrive in - and at - creating beautiful frameworks for life. It seems we have succeeded really well with Nicolinehus, in close cooperation with AART architects, one of strongest architectural firms in Denmark," says Philip Foss, co-owner of Bricks.
We developed Nicolinehus for Bricks, in collaboration with Schønherr, as the landscape architect.
Watch our film about Nicolinehus