AART architects selected for new architecture school

05.04.2016 / The 235 entries from 47 nations have been cut down to a handful of purchase entries – and we are proud that our proposal for the design of a new school of architecture in Aarhus is among the selected entries. “The proposal has definite potential” and it “indicates the beginnings of an architectonic interplay that might develop on into an interesting element of a future urban landscape”, the jury highlighted about our proposal.
In our proposal, we have designed an open structure based on a constructive regular grid of pillars and varied horizontal floors with different dimensions. The focus is on inspiring the students, teachers and neighbouring communities to engage with the structure, so they become the real architects of the future development of the school, which for more than 50 years has fostered a wealth of creative talent. In the coming years, we are looking forward to experiencing at first-hand how the school will grow and take shape at the heart of Aarhus.