AART architects provide new perspectives on energy renovation

27.09.2016 / "In recent years, energy renovation has been nearly all about reducing the energy consumption of buildings, which has a positive effect on the operating budget and on the CO2 balance. But such a focus means that the building industry has lost out on the opportunity of enhancing the social value that any energy renovation project might present", says architect Stina Rask Jensen.
Stina Rask Jensen is part of a new Ph.D project collaboration between AART architects and Aarhus University. Through her work at AART architects, she will take part in a new research project, RE-VALUE, where, over the course of the following three years, she will examine what it means for the residents' quality of life when their homes are being energy renovated. The goal is to develop a new and more holistic tool for future energy renovation projects in Denmark and abroad.
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