AART architects named as a gazelle company

31.10.2014 / For the fifth year, we have been named as a gazelle company by the Danish financial newspaper Børsen. With more than a sixfold increase of our gross profit since our first gazelle title, we are among this year’s “super gazelles”, which are the top 3.5 percent of the Danish gazelle companies.
Furthermore, we are the only Danish architecture practice and among the 2 percent of this year’s gazelle companies that have been named as a gazelle for the fifth time or more. We are proud to deliver such stable and sustained growth.
Because we are especially committed to developing, not only a high level of professional expertise, but also a high degree of solidity and reliability. We not only wish to inspire, but also provide financial security for our clients and business partners.
Therefore, we make a virtue of having a solid financial foundation. Every construction project is a complex and long-standing process entailing a high degree of financial responsibility. Financial security is thus a keyword in our consultancy.