AART architects design headquarters for SUN-AIR

03.12.2015 / On December 2, the first sod was cut for SUN-AIR’s new headquarters at Billund Airport, Denmark. We have designed the headquarters, which will mark a generational succession in the family-owned Scandinavian airline. The headquarters will thus provide a framework for the future development of the airline.
“The ambition of the headquarters is to create new opportunities for SUN-AIR. Being able to gather SUN-AIR and JoinJet (editor's note: a subsidiary company of SUN-AIR) under the same roof in varying and closely related work zones that encourage collaboration and knowledge sharing across the organization will be an advantage, from which we will benefit in the future,” says Kristoffer Sundberg, CEO and owner of SUN-AIR.
The design of the headquarters is simple, yet expressive, with a large roof, enclosing the five floors that span over 1,000 m2. The building will be clad in aluminium, and the roof surface will reflect the surrounding hangar buildings while, with its form and staggered lines, it will interpret the hangar as a motif. The interaction with the surroundings will be supported by the perforated façade, so that the headquarters lights up the airport landscape.
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