AART and Wingårdhs win one of Sweden’s largest upper secondary schools

12.04.2018 / Together with Wingårds, we have won the competition to design the new Hedda Andersson gymnasium in Lund. With its 2000 students, it will become one of Sweden's largest upper secondary schools, just as it will insert itself in Lund’s long tradition as an educational city. Lund Municipality and Architects Sweden arranged the competition, and with our winning proposal we have created an open and inclusive learning environment that will inspire students and give something back to the city.
We will do this by using the city’s recreational outdoor areas actively and integrating them into the school in the form of a large south-facing park, providing opportunities to study, relax and meet in informal surroundings. In its overall layout, the school will consist of four connected units linked by atriums, shared areas and, not least, a public street that will be experienced as the heart of the school. In this way, we will create a number of clearly defined environments each of which has its own identity, while we will emphasize a deep sense of community as a continuous element in the design of the school.