Denmark | 09.02.2022

Aarhus Municipality gives green light for new university campus

With Aarhus University's approval of the district plan for the new campus on Katrinebjerg, we can continue the transformation of the previous business district into a city-integrated campus that together with the existing University Park and upcoming University Town will constitute Aarhus University Campus.

The campus at Katrinebjerg will be based on a new urban structure, which – unlike the pragmatic design defined by the needs of the district’s former businesses – will offer recreational public spaces, a wider range of functions, and better conditions for cyclists and pedestrians. Maintaining biodiversity will be prioritised, as there will be a park at the heart of the campus and greenery will be an integral aspect of the buildings and public spaces. In addition, a new campus street will connect the campus, not only internally, but also outwardly with the city as well as the existing University Park.

A central part of the new campus will be INCUBA Next (shown in the last image), which will stand as a beacon for the energy and entrepreneurship at the campus – not as a direct part of the university but as a development hub for tech companies. With 20,000 square metres spread across 18 floors and a modular working environment, INCUBA Next will, thus, be the perfect setting for tomorrow’s innovative tech entrepreneurs. With its combination of a public ground floor, fine architectural detailing and carefully chosen materials, the building will be infused with life and a quality true to its central location and innovative purpose.

Obviously, we are proud to be advising our client FEAS on the planning of the campus and INCUBA A/S on the design of INCUBA Next. Regarding the latter, we have accompanied INCUBA along the way from the very start, first, as architectural advisors contributing to designing every detail of the building all the way to submitting the design proposal and tender. Now, we are acting as the client consultant together with Rambøll, and we are looking forward to continuing our productive dialogue with the contractor team A. Enggaard A/S, COWI and ADEPT.

1 So Me Lokalplan Katrinebjerg
Sketching of the new campus on Katrinebjerg where the new campus street will connect the campus inwardly and outwardly towards the city and the exisiting University Park.
2 So Me Lokalplan Katrinebjerg
Biodiversity is highly prioritised with a park in the heart of the campus and greenery as an integrated part of the buildings and the public sphere.
3 So Me Lokalplan Incuba Next
As a part of the new campus, INCUBA will rise as a 18 storey powerhouse where a modular work environment will create the perfect framework for the innovative tech-entrepreneurs of tommorow.