780 students inaugurate new science building

09.04.2014 / 780 students attended the inauguration of the new science extension to Horsens State School, Denmark. The 1,300-sqm science building includes specialist classrooms and laboratories, and aims to strengthen the school’s scientific profile.
The science building has been designed on two floors in order to maximize the synergy between the scientific subjects and at the same minimize its footprint, creating the best possible space for the existing garden. The synergy between the subjects is supported by a double-height communal room and a central stairway, which open and link the building together internally.
The science building is a result of close cooperation between AART architects, Horsens State School and Raundahl & Moesby. Construction was started in the summer of 2013 and has (besides a short break in August when the contracting company Sjælsø Gruppen went bankrupt) proceeded according to plan.
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