We create measurable and discernible impact – through architecture.

Redefining architecture™

Cities and buildings are powerful catalysts. This is where the key to changing and improving the most fundamental environments for our lives lies; how we live, learn, work and – yes – even breathe. That is why, for us, architecture is not about form. It's all about impact. We channel our clients' visions of measurable and discernible solutions to move organizations and society in a more enriching and sustainable direction. That is why we value 'impact' over 'form' any day, in everything, whatever we do. We call this Redefining architecture™.

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The promise we give to our clients is equally ambitious as it is simple. We enter every collaboration with the ambition of having the greatest possible impact.
CEO Torben Skovbjerg Larsen
Torben Skovbjerg Larsen AART Days 2019

We create measurable and discernible impact

This is the promise we give to our customers, the thing that inspires our work every day in everything we do – from introductory dialogue to architectural execution and follow-up visits. Because, yes, our desire to create implies a desire to make sure our work has the intended impact. Following up on our work allows us to document the impact our architecture has – socially, economically and environmentally. We are thus the first architectural firm in Scandinavia to set up a multidisciplinary 'impact team', which systematically visits our finished projects to learn more about their impact, so we can use that knowledge to improve new and future projects.

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Impact compass™

We put our words into action and aim to plot out a common direction in all our projects. Impact compass™ is our strategic tool for navigating through all phases of a project – with a clear aim of cultivating our clients' vision into architecture with measurable and discernible effect.

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We are mapping the way to new knowledge

We are backing three PhD projects in collaboration with Aarhus University, Aalborg University and the University of Copenhagen to develop research-funded knowledge about the ability of architecture to develop organizations and society. Our advice is therefore firmly rooted in the latest and most well-documented knowledge of the impact and impact of architecture – socially, economically and environmentally.

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... and we follow up on our completed projects

We are collaborating on research to gain more knowledge about the impact of architecture. We also visit our completed projects systematically once they are handed over and taken into use. We do this by documenting the social, economic and environmental impact of what we create. Effective documentation is based on quantitative and qualitative insights, which we use to develop 'impact cases' from our completed projects which are also used to develop new projects – always with the intention of creating measurable and discernible impact in our architecture.

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