For us, architecture is not about form. It’s about impact. A deep commitment to make a positive difference for organisations and societies, which has driven our work in architecture for 20 years.

Dedicated documentation

We are the first architecture firm in Scandinavia to establish a dedicated documentation team, where we collect the latest knowledge about how architecture makes a difference in practice. We do so by revisiting our completed projects and studying their social and economic impact. Impactful studies that give us a robust foundation of knowledge to develop organisations and communities with architecture serving as a catalyst.

Bikuben Kollegiet 2019 AART 07 H
Anthropologist Johanne Mose Entwistle is the head of our documentation team.

Vi stiller vores kunder stærkere

Vi gør en dyd ud af at dele viden med vores kunder, så vi hjælper dem til at stå stærkest muligt – politisk eller kommercielt. For hvad enten du er offentlig eller privat bygherre, så har du et politisk eller kommercielt bagland, hvor du vil stå stærkere, hvis du med veldokumenteret viden kan vise effekten af din investering. Derfor løfter vi ikke alene effektbaseret viden ind i udviklingen af vores projekter, men også ind i vores kunders organisation eller ud i deres kommercielle marked.

Line Willacy Planlaegning Munchen AART
The Culture Yard has given the city a new identity.
Local citizen / Qualitative insight from anthropological field study Changing the image of a city
69 001 Kulturvaerftet 248 L
It’s a place where children get to live a life they are usually denied.
Parents of a child with muscular dystrophy / Qualitative insight from anthropological field study Improving the quality of life
Musholm submarine 2016 02 Low
En af de ting, jeg værdsætter ved at arbejde i Pakhusene, er de mange delefaciliteter. Det skaber liv 24 – 7 og giver en fantastisk energi rundt om huset.
Berit Grotkjær Jensen / Kompetencechef i MOE Proving the impact of sharing
Aarhus Havn 20180816 TH 0265
We were expecting good results, but we have been taken aback by just how positive they are.
Head of Development at VUC Syd / Qualitative insight from anthropological field study Helping young people back into education
69 006 VUC Haderslev 029 H

The value of sharing knowledge

We take pride in sharing our knowledge on the social and economic potential of architecture, as we believe that the exchange of knowledge makes us stronger as a company, industry and society. We therefore frequently speak at conferences and regularly publish articles on the impact of architecture. Among many other networks, we are members of the world’s biggest for socially responsible companies, the UN Global Compact, which commits us to publish an annual report (Communication on Progress) on our impactful work with architecture.

UN Global Compact Report 2018

Aarhus Havn 20190613 TH 0072
CEO Torben Skovbjerg Larsen holding a lecture on our impactful work with architecture.

Significant milestones

For almost two decades, we have put impact before form. This has resulted in a distinguished reference list of projects and partnerships. Today, we are deeply involved with research environments and cooperate with several research agencies. We are also behind a wide range of impactful projects spread all across Scandinavia, including Musholm, where we have improved the quality of life for people with disabilities, and the Culture Yard, where we have set the course for Elsinore’s transformation from a shipyard city to a city of culture.

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Home for Life

Makes the electricity meter run backwards


We join the UN Global Compact.

Strategic partnership

We establish a partnership with the Alexandra Institute on the social impact of architecture.

Strategic partnership

We establish a partnership with Copenhagen Economics on the economic impact of architecture.


CEO Torben Skovbjerg Larsen becomes an adjunct professor at Aalborg University with a focus on the impact of architecture.


We become the first architecture firm in Scandinavia to establish an impact team.


We initiate a business PhD to document the impact of architecture