For more than 20 years, we have been creating architecture with measurable and noticeable impact.

The world is calling for positive change

The world is calling for positive change, and for companies willing to take responsibility – for people, the environment and society. This is the kind of company we work with. We do this with the ambition of creating architecture with measurable and noticeable impact, so that together we move the world in a more enriching and sustainable direction. Cities and buildings are powerful catalysts. This is where the key to changing the foundation for our lives – how we live, learn, work, and how we live and breathe. It’s why we think impact before form in everything we do every day.

We call it Redefining architecture™

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The promise to our customers is as ambitious as it is simple. Because we go to any collaboration with the ambition to create a positive effect – for people, the environment and society.
CEO Torben Skovbjerg
Torben Skovbjerg Larsen AART Days 2019

For us, architecture is the goal the means

For us, architecture is not a goal in itself. It is a means of fulfilling your visions and making your societal ambitions visible, so that together we move the world in a more enriching and sustainable direction. When we approach architecture methodically and holistically, we do so with its impact in mind. We take an impact-based approach, where we work with light, scale, materiality and context as architectural means to enrich and move – you as a company and the world as a whole.

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We have developed a strategic tool to set an impactful direction for your very project. We call this the Effektkompas™, and with this we navigate you safely through the entire process, so that we in close dialogue can translate your visions into architecture with a measurable and discernable impact.

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This is how we create impact for our clients

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We offer an interdisciplinary impact team

We offer impact-based advice based on the latest knowledge. As the first architectural company in Scandinavia, we have established an interdisciplinary impact team of architects, anthropologists, sustainability specialists and PhD researchers. With the impact team, we develop knowledge about architecture’s potential through research and revisits of our own completed projects. We build knowledge that we leverage in the development of our many projects to come – and thus also yours.

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Want to know more about our research in the impact of architecture?

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Significant milestones

For almost two decades, we have put impact before form. This has resulted in a distinguished reference list of projects and partnerships. Today, we are deeply involved with research environments and cooperate with several research agencies. We are also behind a wide range of impactful projects spread all across Scandinavia, including Musholm, where we have improved the quality of life for people with disabilities, and the Culture Yard, where we have set the course for Elsinore’s transformation from a shipyard city to a city of culture.

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Our impact team is ready to advise and inspire you.

  • Johanne Mose Entwistle
    Partner / Effektchef / Antropolog
    +45 22 50 78 40
  • Mette Riisgaard Hansen
    Senior effekt- og evalueringskonsulent
    +45 41 96 09 95
  • Signe Jul Kirkegaard-Larsen
    Studentermedhjælper / Effekt / Design- og arkitektursociolog
    +45 22 93 28 49
  • Mia Kruse Rasmussen
    Ph.d.-forsker / Antropolog
    +45 41 96 35 13
  • Stina Rask Jensen
    Arkitekt MSc / PhD
    +45 41 96 27 51
  • Nicolaj Thunbo
    Associeret partner / Projektleder / Arkitekt
    +45 41 96 04 22
  • Ylva Preutz
    Associeret partner / Kontorchef / Specialist i social bæredygtighed / Procesleder
    +46 730 86 19 70
  • Saga Axberg
    Expert social sustainability / Process manager / Landscape architect / Community planner
    +46 8 99 88 99