AART learn is our internship programme in which we offer practical experience and theoretical inspiration for those, like you, training to be an architect or construction manager.
The aim of the internship programme is to strengthen your skills by giving you the opportunity to take part in a wide range of tasks, from concept development and sketching to 3D modelling and model building. You will also take part in meetings with clients and business partners, and you will participate in study tours and our many social events.
We are looking for talented interns for a five-month course twice a year. If you want an internship as an architect in the spring semester, you must apply no later than December 15. To get an internship in the fall semester, you must apply no later than May 31. For construction managers, we have ongoing interviews, so the sooner you submit your application, the better your chances are of being considered. All internships are unpaid, so you should therefore be SU-justified or receive a scholarship.
Does all this sound interesting? If so, send your internship application and portfolio to internship@aart.dk. Type "Intern" in the subject field, followed by either "Aarhus" or "Copenhagen", depending on which office you are interested in joining.

Read our publication about AART learn (in Danish)