The Waterfront

Designed as one of the largest wooden residential developments in Europe, the Waterfront (‘Vannkanten’ in Norwegian) transforms Stavanger’s former industrial harbour into a sustainable and recreational part of the city. It pays homage to Stavanger’s proud tradition of building wooden houses and creates new opportunities to draw city life out to the boundary between the city and the captivating Norwegian landscape with its deep blue fjords, alluring mountains and extensive forests.
Inspired by the unique location, the Waterfront has been designed as clear-cut mountains of wood surrounded by a wealth of public passages, courtyards and a promenade that winds around the buildings and extends all the way to Stavanger’s historical city centre. All with a focus on inspiring citizens and tourists to engage with the new harbour front as a natural and vibrant part of town.
Daylight and panoramic views are key elements in the design of the Waterfront. For instance, the facades and roof surfaces have been cut diagonally to maximise daylight in all 128 apartments, while the buildings wind along the harbour front to provide a view of both the city and the fjord from all apartments. Add to this that all apartments vary in shape and size, and you have socially sustainable housing that caters to a wide group of residents – families, single people, the young and the elderly.

"The Waterfront is praised as the largest wooden development in Northern Europe and all the judges agree on the interesting aesthetic that the project brings to the table, that the plans are working, and that it is artful."
Chairman of the jury / WAN Residential Award 2011